Financial support: scholarships

Our Graduate Program provides scholarships for enrolled students inder a quota scheme governed by Normative Instruction 9 (in Portuguese), which can be accessed here.


Candidates must commit to full-time research activities at UNICAMP or at another institution approved by our Graduate Program;

Candidates must not be employed, except in the cases accepted by the development agencies and with the express agreement of the Program Comitee


Scholarships are granted for up to 24 months in the MASTER programme and 48 months in the PhD programme. No extensions allowed.

The scholarships may be interrupted at any time, at the discretion of the CPPG / BV, for disciplinary failures, and absence or low productivity reported by the advisor.

The allocation of grants of the institutional quota will be based on the following formula:

- 20% for the academic performance of each supervisor

- 20% for the supervisor's contribution to PPG-BV

- 60% for the student performance in the admission process

Students who have enrolled in previous years may also apply for a scholarship.